Quickly wear the prayer life raiders

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After the two snipers, Takeuchi personally paid attention to the mission, and sent two more snipers, four good actors, a total of six people, to try to solve the task directly this time.

After the two snipers, Takeuchi personally paid attention to the mission, and sent two more snipers, four good actors, a total of six people, to try to solve the task directly this time. At the same time, people increased the investigation of Ji Rongyu's identity environment and communication, so that they found a little communication between Ji Rongyu and Qin Tianshuo. Even if doubts Ji Rongyu's safety whether Qin Tianshuo intervenes, but this can not be the reason for the failure of the Black Dragon Club mission! But to Takeuchi's surprise, the six men he sent out disappeared again! It happened that his powerful news network and interpersonal network did not receive any news. You know, his good players are carrying guns, but they all disappeared, but not even the sound of gunfire, what does this mean?! 、857. No Chapter 857 invitation Takeuchi, who was in the dark, had a conspiracy theory and had a lot of interest. Anyway, the cooperation project he came to Z country this time is over, and it's no big deal to return home early, so just stay and have a look? So Ji Rongyu received a phone call. Hello, is this Miss Ji Rongyu? On the other end of the phone, Takeuchi speaks fluent Z language, because Z country is also their relatively large partner in arms trading projects. In order to facilitate business, he began to learn Z language when he was very young: "I am Takeuchi,iron nail machine, vice president of the Black Dragon Club of R country.". I'm sorry to bother the young lady, but some members of our club seem to have bothered the young lady and haven't returned yet. I wonder if I can see the young lady and take my men back? Ji Rongyu narrowed her eyes, her beautiful side face seemed to have a faint halo in the sun, and her skin was so perfect that no pores could be seen. She turned her head slightly sideways, her beautiful long hair hung behind her head, her blue eyes were dark, her slender hand was holding her mobile phone against her left ear, and she was holding a cup of coffee in one hand,Coil Nail Making Machine, and her movements were frozen in the air because she heard the self-introduction on the phone. Qin Tianshuo and Lu Jie sat opposite, their eyes involuntarily stopping on her face. Her facial features are very distinct, deeper than the native people of Z country, but with a different grace belonging to Z country, the two flavors are very appropriate. Her face is not absolutely beautiful, but her features are very delicate, especially with her whole body temperament, it is more beautiful. Her rose-like red lips rose slightly, with a bewitching arc, and her eyebrows spread slightly, as if she knew something. She took a sip of coffee, put down the cup gracefully, and then said, "So it's you." After a pause, she suddenly asked, "How much did you take?" With that, Nail machine supplier ,Nail Making Machine price, Ji Rongyu's eyes swept over the map, and sure enough, on the map, a tea restaurant not far from the coffee house where the three of them were, he saw a white sign representing Takeuchi Yidu. She slowly released her mental strength, and sure enough, she saw a handsome and fierce man in a black suit sitting on the sofa in front of the French window, sitting in a rigorous posture, which is the characteristic of R country. Takeuchi is a smarter and more powerful hunter, but also a wise superior. He can pay attention to two men and a woman sitting in a coffee shop in this place, but he will not stare at people foolishly and frighten the snake, especially to attract the attention of this guy Qin Tianshuo. Hearing Ji Rongyu's words, he was slightly stupefied and suddenly laughed: "Five million, Mi Jin." Ji Rongyu suddenly did not know whether it should be said that Sun Keli was generous or stingy, because according to her understanding of the Sun family, even if Sun Keli directly transferred five million rice gold, it was impossible, or she borrowed Zhou Mi's funds? "Obviously, sir, you have done business at a loss." Ji Rongyu smiled and looked at the direction of Takenai Yidu with great precision. Although ordinary people can't see the people inside from the French window at all, it doesn't include Ji Rongyu. She quickly withdrew her eyes, because Qin Tianshuo, a man as sensitive as a cheetah, was sitting opposite. "But do you think I should go to see you?" Takeuchi stirred the spoon in the cup in front of him until the wall of the cup tinkled: "Miss Ji, you have no choice.". ” 、858. No Chapter 858 agreement His tone was not habitually domineering from the beginning to the end. He knew the strength of the eight good players he had sent out, so he had to be afraid of Ji Rongyu and value him. Fine Ji Rongyu looked helplessly at the two men sitting opposite, staring at his face. Royal Hotel, 8888, presidential suite, tomorrow at 3:00. After reporting the address, Takeuchi hung up the phone directly, and then looked down at the table, including almost all the information of Ji Rongyu in his life. From childhood to adulthood, everything is big and small, even including photos, human and material evidence, as well as the entanglement with the Sun family, the granddaughter harvested by the old man Sun, the company started with the help of the old man Sun, several unhappy times with Sun Keli, and the entanglement with Zhou Mi.. Everything is very ordinary and normal, but at a point in time, a strange change has taken place completely, so that he is also confused. Ji Rongyu hung up the phone and looked at Qin Tianshuo and Lv Jie with curious eyes and exaggerated bitter faces: "It's not easy to be a strong woman." For so long, although the number of times to see Qin Tianshuo is not much, but the relationship between her and Lu Jie is advancing by leaps and bounds, said to be a very good friend is not too much. Especially Lv Jie, is it not a hazy love for Ji Rongyu in his heart? Qin Tianshuo is more or less different, he and Ji Rongyu's contacts, nothing more than because of his investigation, out of curiosity about the present Ji Rongyu,wire nail machine manufacturers, before the'Sun Kaili 'reincarnation, on the other hand, because of Lv Jie. 3shardware.com